Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2. Why is my website or server restricted?

We introduced the free trial as a way to let users try out features of Professional. However, some take advantage by trying to sign up a new account when their existing free trial ends, thinking that they can enjoy Professional features "forever".

To prevent this from happening, we record some information of the websites and servers added during a free trial. When a user tries to add the same website or server again in a different free trial account, we would know that it has been monitoring in a free trial account before. We mark these websites or servers as "restricted".

A restricted website or server only supports features of a free account. The monitoring interval is limited to 60 mins. Additionally, a restricted website supports only HTTP port 80 with no advanced options, while a restricted server supports only ping test and HTTP port 80.

If you upgrade to Professional account, these restrictions will be removed.