Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

3. Will your monitoring activity consume my website/server bandwidth noticeably?

Our monitoring activity does not consume a lot of bandwidth because our system uses HEAD method to retrieve headers only (for website and server HTTP test). Suppose each request+response consume 500 bytes, the bandwidth consumed according to the monitoring interval is:

  • 1 minute interval - 20MB per month
  • 2 minute interval - 10MB per month
  • 3 minute interval - 6.87MB per month
  • 5 minute interval - 4.12MB per month
  • 10 minute interval - 2.06MB per month
  • 15 minute interval - 1.37MB per month
  • 30 minute interval - 0.69MB per month
  • 60 minute interval - 0.34MB per month

Most hosting plans allocate much more bandwidth than these, so the impact of monitoring on your bandwidth is negligible.